ATLAS PRO Industrial Headset System

The most reliable and most durable industrial headset available

ProCom’s ATLAS PRO stands as the industry standard for robust two-way industrial communication systems, catering to businesses across diverse sectors nationwide. Immerse yourself in a world of advanced features, where state-of-the-art noise cancellation software and hardware redefine clarity. With ACS high-level proprietary encryption, your communication remains confidential and secure, ensuring privacy paramount to your industry.

The ATLAS PRO goes beyond a mere communication solution; it’s a tailor-made system, crafted for the unique demands of industrial settings. Experience virtually zero setup hassle, streamlining your operations for uninterrupted communication. At ProCom, we don’t provide simple walkie-talkies; we deliver the pinnacle of two-way radio technology, equipped with an array of features and functionality that align perfectly with the exacting requirements of your industrial enterprise. Elevate your communication experience with ProCom’s ATLAS PRO, and give your company the support it truly deserves.

ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset

Most Power – Most Durable – Most Features

SEE IT!  –   FEEL IT!  –  HEAR IT!

And you will be convinced it is the best headset system available.

ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset
ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset Single Muff model

Single Muff Design

ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset Double Muff model with Bluetooth capability

Double Muff Design

ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset Clip-on Hard Hat model

Hard Hat Clip-On Design

ATLAS PRO Quick Guide
Atlas 8 Port Charger

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Enhance Efficiency with Atlas Pro:

Boost your team’s productivity and safety with the Atlas Pro industrial headset. Experience the future of industrial communication with our cutting-edge wireless technology and noise-cancelling features. 

ATLAS PRO Full Feature List

The Most Powerful Open-Mic Headset
The Atlas Pro boasts an impressive amount of output power, over triple the industry average of 250mW, ensuring reliable communication even in challenging environments.

Easiest Set-Up
With the Atlas Pro, simplicity reigns. Just turn it on and go, no complicated installation required.

Up to 13-15 Hours of Battery Life
Designed to outlast even the longest workdays, the Atlas Pro ensures uninterrupted communication throughout your shift.

Crystal Clear Audio
Our Atlas Pro system delivers high-fidelity audio, providing crystal-clear communication that allows every word to be heard and understood.

No Base Station to Hassle With
Say goodbye to antennas, base stations, and cables. The Atlas Pro is a hassle-free wireless solution, simplifying your communication setup.

Two-Way Radio Compatible
Easily integrate our headsets into your existing system for seamless communication with your team.

Superior Noise Cancellation
Enjoy peace and focus with our industry-leading -25dB noise cancellation technology.

ACS High-Level Proprietary Encryption
Our encryption offers the highest level of privacy, ensuring your conversations remain confidential and secure.

Extremely Rugged & Durable
Built to withstand the toughest industrial environments, the Atlas Pro is your reliable companion in the field.

Weather Resistant
Communicate with confidence in harsh weather conditions without disruption, as the Atlas Pro is designed to be weather-resistant.

Lowest Head & Neck Fatigue
The lightweight design of the Atlas Pro ensures that you can comfortably wear your headset all day long, minimizing head and neck fatigue.

Enhanced Safety
Communicate safely with all members of your crew when it matters most, enhancing safety protocols on the job.

Increased Productivity
Keep the workflow seamless by notifying everyone of changes and decisions on the fly without halting production, boosting overall productivity.

Why Choose ProCom Headsets?

ProCom Headsets is a trusted name in the industry, known for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our industrial wireless communication devices, including the Atlas Pro, are the result of extensive research and development, ensuring you get the best communication solutions for your workforce.