ProCom's X12 System for Construction

The Most Durable Construction Headset on the Market!

ProCom’s X12 system is the perfect solution for your construction communication needs. Deploy instantly at any site with no base stations or wires to worry about. Communicate effectively and efficiently with your whole team by utilizing up to 6 talk channels and up to a quarter-mile range. Never miss an assignment with top-of-the-line noise-cancelling technologies and up to 18 hours of battery life. The IP67 rating on our belt packs and headsets means our products are built to last.

Heavy-Duty Hard Hat Compatible Headset

Designed to withstand the toughest jobs, our Heavy-Duty headset features built-in -35dB noise cancellation in the ear muffs. A large, raised push-to-talk button is easy to press even with thick gloves on and can be programmed for either press-and-hold or toggle modes. Never worry about accidental disconnections with a military-grade cable connector. Brought to life by our feature-heavy X12 Belt Pack.

X12 Belt Pack - Straight On
Heavy-Duty Hard Hat Compatible Headset

ATLAS PRO Industrial Headset

Brand new for 2023, our helmet-compatible Atlas Pro All-In-One provides a completely wireless solution for those who still need the protection of a hard hat on the job. Military-grade foam provides all-day comfort, and large buttons and a flip-to-mute boom mic let you communicate quickly and clearly no matter what the situation.
ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset
ProCom ATLAS PRO Industrial Wireless Headset
ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset

For those looking for a completely wireless solution without the need of hard hats, the ATLAS Pro All-In-One is the perfect headset design. A flip-to-mute boom mic makes communicating quick and easy, and large raised buttons announce what you’re pressing as you press it, from volume level to channel name. Mix-and-match belt packs and all-in-ones if desired. Single and dual muff options available.  This is the most powerful and robust all wireless full duplex system available.

Discreet Earpiece
Discreet Earpiece

Used on its own or compatible with practically any type of headwear including hard hats, our Discrete Mic can be customized to fit comfortably in any ear, with multiple interchangeable tips and the ability to be reversed for either right or left ear usage.

Belt Pack and HS-45 Headset
HS-45 Headset

Our flagship wired headset, the HS-45 is the ultimate combination of comfort and functionality. Military-grade foam cushions keep your ear(s) comfortable all day and never worry about accidentally disconnecting your headset with MIL-spec connectors on both sides. A flip-to-mute boom makes communication quick and easy, and the metal-reinforced headband means your headset is built to last. Available in single or dual muff.

Why Choose ProCom Headsets?

ProCom Headsets is a trusted name in the industry, known for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our industrial wireless communication devices, including the Atlas Pro, are the result of extensive research and development, ensuring you get the best communication solutions for your workforce.