ProCom Headsets for Fire Safety

Comfortable and Hands-Free Communication Solutions

Elevate your fire company’s fire safety communication capabilities with ProCom Headsets. Our seamless integration with your existing radio system ensures unparalleled comfort and hands-free operation, empowering those in the line of duty. Whether managing traffic details or conducting training exercises, ProCom stands as the premier choice for all your headset needs.

ATLAS PRO Industrial Headset

ProCom’s all-in-one headset is an excellent hyper-mobile design with no setup other than turning it on. Great for anyone off-site that still needs reliable, comfortable comm access — from Rapid Intervention Teams to pump operators to risk management assessors. Plus, our single-muff design allows for outside listening, making the headsets versatile enough for things like traffic duty. Also available in double-muff for maximum noise cancellation.

ATLAS PRO Wireless Industrial Headset
ATLAS PRO Fire Safety Headset Communication

Heavy-Duty Hard Hat Compatible Headset

Designed to withstand the toughest jobs, our Heavy-Duty headset features built-in -35dB noise cancellation in the ear muffs. A large, raised push-to-talk button is easy to press even with thick gloves on and can be programmed for either press-and-hold or toggle modes. Never worry about accidental disconnections with a military-grade cable connector. Brought to life by our feature-heavy X12 Belt Pack.

X12 Belt Pack - Straight On
Heavy-Duty Hard Hat Compatible Headset

Two-Way Radio Compatibility

It’s easy to connect our ATLAS PRO headsets to your existing two-way radio system. Simply connect our radio expansion kit to one of your existing two-way radios. This will allow the ATLAS Pro to easily communicate to your entire radio system as well as dispatch centers.

2-Way Radio Compatibility
911 Dispatch Center

Why Choose ProCom Headsets?

ProCom Headsets is a trusted name in the industry, known for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our industrial wireless communication devices, including the Atlas Pro, are the result of extensive research and development, ensuring you get the best communication solutions for your workforce.