XMR Baseball System

XMR Mini In-Helmet Receiver

Mini In-Helmet Catcher’s Receiver

Professional Grade

For High School and NCAA In-Game Use!

Don’t Get Thrown a Curveball

ProCom Baseball XMR Baseball Receiver

Rest easy with our XMR In-Helmet Receiver and Coach Headset System for Coach-To-Catcher Communication.

The ProCom XMR mini in-helmet receiver is a game-changer in catcher communication. This compact in-helmet receiver seamlessly integrates into the catcher’s headgear, providing a discreet and effective way for catchers to stay connected with their coaches in real time. The XMR works with any of our 3 headset styles for flawless, hands-free communication between the coach and catcher.

System Configurations

ProCom baseball - one coach system

1 Coach, 1 Player


ProCom baseball - two coach system

1 Coach, 2 Player


ProCom baseball - three coach system

3 Coach, 6 Player


Coaching Headset Options

All-In-One Wireless Coaching Headset

All-In-One Headset

Discreet Headset

Belt Pack and HS-45 Headset

HS-45 Headset

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