ProCom XLE System

An affordable solution for smaller staffs that still provides the same top-quality coach-to-coach communication that you’d find in our X12 systems.

The ProCom XLE is identical to the X12 with performance, durability, range and appearance but at a reduced price. Like the X12, the XLE delivers high quality performance needed for game day situations.  Our noise cancelling technology is so advanced you have to hear it to believe it. The XLE brings tomorrow’s technology to today.  The XLE is a lower cost option for smaller staffs yet gives you all the guaranteed performance of our X12.

Belt Pack and HS-45 Headset
All-In-One Wireless Coaching Headset

XLE Belt Pack

XLE All-In-One

Belt Pack and HS-45 Headset

XLE Belt Pack

All-In-One Wireless Coaching Headset

XLE All-In-One

Most Power – Most Durable – Most Features

No Base Station

No Cords to get tangled

Mix and Match Belt Packs and All-in-Ones

2 Channels (Talk Groups)

All Coaches can Switch to Both Channels

Up to 8 Coaches – No PTT

Sleek Design

Channel Display and Voice Announce

Apollo High School ProCom All-In-One Headset

SEE IT!  –   FEEL IT!  –  HEAR IT!

And you will be convinced it is the best headset system available.

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Need Coach-To-Player? More Coaches? No Problem!

If you’re looking at the XLE System now but may need more coaches or extra features down the line, don’t worry! All XLE Systems are upgradeable to the X12 System at any time (for a small fee), giving you access to more coaches, more talk groups, customized displays, and cutting-edge coach-to-player technologies like the XMR Mini In-Helmet Receiver and the LoudMouth Two-Way Sideline Comm System.


XMR Helmet Receiver

XMR Mini In-Helmet Receiver


LoudMouth Two-Way Communication System