Edge Baseball Receiver

Revolutionizing Communication on the Field

Edge Over-Ear Baseball Receiver
In the ever-evolving landscape of sports technology, innovation is key to gaining that competitive edge. At ProCom, we understand the importance of seamless communication between coaches and players. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Edge Baseball Receiver by Westcom Wireless.

For High School and NCAA In-Game Use!

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Edge Over-Ear Baseball Receiver

Get The Edge Over The Other Team

Introducing Edge, our First over-ear DCS Secure Baseball Receiver.
Coach Communicating with Edge Coach-To-Catccher Receiver
Catcher with Edge Coach-To-Catcher Receiver

Traditionally, coaches rely on headsets to relay instructions to players, but we’re flipping the script. With the Edge Baseball Receiver, coaches will utilize a two-way radio system, directly communicating with our specialized receiver. This innovative design streamlines the communication process, providing coaches with a hassle-free and efficient way to convey instructions to catchers.

What Coaches Are Saying:

For us, it has been great so far. We have been using it in our bullpens for the last couple of weeks. Catchers haven’t had any issues hearing anything. We have not had any issues with it coming unclipped from the jersey or chest protector backstrap, just kind of catcher preference. Every now and then the earpiece might fall out, like when taking the mask off, but it takes about two seconds to put back in by the catcher, no different than a headphone. Ear piece doesn’t go anywhere since it is clipped on, just dangles.

We scrimmaged/intrasquad yesterday and today. I moved around the field throughout the game and never once could hear my pitching coach calling pitches. Batters can’t hear it. It’s been super simple and easy to use.

So far no issues, so would definitely recommend out of simplicity and quality.

Evan Tieles

Head Baseball Coach, Cambridge High School

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With the Edge Baseball Receiver, catchers can focus on their game without distractions, while coaches can deliver crucial instructions with clarity and precision. Whether it’s during practice sessions, bullpen sessions, or intense game situations, our receiver ensures that every message is delivered loud and clear.

Experience the difference with the Edge Baseball Receiver

where innovation meets performance on the diamond.

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